Thursday, January 11, 2007

I Heart Movies

I'm a humongous fan of movies, not just because they provide a source of entertainment and sometimes provide a couple of mind numbing hours of vegetation, but more often than not there is tremendous depth found in this kind of art form. I have recently viewed several films that I must say have moved me, inspired me, caused me to wonder, and helped me catch a glimpse of real life in it's most rawest form. I'm not gonna go into too much detail about each of these films except that I highly recommend each of them. In chronological order, the films I have recently seen are:

Who Killed The Electric Car? This is a provocative documentary-style film that seamlessly weaves between the automotive world and the area of environmental issues. According to the film, the electric car was a kind of technology that existed but was unfortunately silenced and never really given the chance to flourish and play a part in offsetting pollution and the current oil crisis. In a rather "objective" way, the film makers unfold what can only be described as a conspiracy and reveals all the many facets of life, culture, society and business that brought an end to the short life of the electric car.

Little Miss Sunshine This has to be by far one of the better, if not THE best film I have seen this past year. I saw it 3 times in the theater, and if that wasn't enough, I bought the DVD. With a blend of humor, music, dialogue and chemistry that seems to be well on its way to being put on the endangered species list, Little Miss Sunshine crafts an experience for the viewer to enter the story of the Hoover family road trip. This film seems to encapsulate the tensions and awkward moments found in what our society would label as a dysfunctional family. Through sheer genius, the film manages to suppress feelings of pity and disgust and uncovers the fingerprints of grace, redemption and love that are found in even the worst of situations.

An Inconvenient Truth From an unlikely mouthpiece spouts a plethora of facts and figures that serve as compass for why spring flowers are blooming in December and how the expression 'it's so hot you could fry an egg on the sidewalk' is no longer a figure of speech but soon to be reality. Like a drunken grandfather with a speech impediment, Al Gore dances seamlessly from story to story, fact to fact with the aid of his southern drawl and army of still and moving images. Although it took me a little while to get past the fact that this is the same guy who talked about a 'lock box' and claims to be the inventor of the internet, his impassioned presentation on the current global climate and mind boggling weather helps put together a picture of a mother earth that has been unapologetically raped and abused repeatedly by humanity with no remorse. Although guilt, condemnation and fear are typical vehicles used by communicators to reveal the errs of the listener, these modes of transportation were left in the garage. Instead, hope and an understanding of reconciliation was presented. By way of an unexpected wisdom and eloquence, this film helped me understand the role I have been playing in the issue of global warming as well as how the role can be reversed where destruction can be replaced by healing and restoration.

Dave Chappelle's Block Party If it wasn't for my buddy Al's recommendation, I would have not seen this film. Being a fan of Dave Chappelle, I have the utmost respect for his humor, as well as his desire to bring to the surface issues of racism, stereotyping and bigotry. Although his humor can be misconstrued as something that reinforces the same issues he is addressing, I cannot but hold his values and passions in high regard. With that said, this film is nothing like his show that helped him explode into the homes of millions of North Americans. Through his natural comedic genius, coupled with masters of hip-hop like The Fugees(this block party brought them back together!!), The Roots, Kanye West and Mos Def, with the heart of Brooklyn used as the backdrop, this film had me laughing, dancing, and falling deeper and deeper in love with the city. As I watching this film, I found myself thinking about Hamilton and Beasley, and how I love being a part of the Freeway and desiring to be a voice and hand of hope and restoration to people who have been forced into the margins of life. If this Block Party was able to serve as a wave of solace and be an interruption to the despair of the downtrodden, then I can only imagine what Jesus has in store for Beasley and the Freeway this year as he rolls out a party whose headliners are love, grace, mercy and justice.


At 7:11 AM, Blogger Reel Fanatic said...

Dave's movie was indeed just a joy to watch .. it was just so nice to see him having fun again, and the music and spirit were certainly contagious

At 8:50 PM, Blogger confessions of a social hermit said...

i heart movies...
my recent recommendations:
blood diamond
children of men
the last kiss
friends with money
i could go on, but i'll stop... :D

At 5:09 PM, Blogger Rich said...

On your list I only saw the sunshine movie and wow was I disappointed. Granted I don't look for meaning, depth, or anything intellectual with movies.

I like to be entertained and it didn't do it for me. Except the dance number, that made me chuckle.



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