Thursday, December 07, 2006

Random Digital Musings

Earlier this week, a Division III basketball team from Lincoln, PA pummels their opponent by 123 points. The final score:

201 - 78

I peed my pants after I read the article. Check it out
Here's a story I came across that truly inspired me. For the lazy, here's a quick summary:

A woman on a United Airlines flight has a "condition" where she had uncontrollable flatulence of preposterous quantity and quality. To help reduce the odor, she literally lit her own farts to mask the smell. Other passengers were complaining of a burning sulfur odor, which forced the plane to make an emergency landing, where all the passengers were forced to de-plane and be searched.

It takes the phrase 'dropping a bomb' to a whole new level for me. Honestly, this is unbelievably funny to me, but I do feel really bad for this woman.
I was surfing around iTunes a couple days ago looking for freebies and came across a free download of a video featuring an interview between NBC's Brian Williams and U2's Bono. It tells of the stuff that's happening in Africa, and gives an inside look at some of the tangible things that have resulted in all the awareness and work that's been poured into the country. If you've got a US account with iTunes, then go get it. If not, my apologies. It's not available on the Canadian iTunes store. But if you're nice to me, I'll consider hooking you up somehow. Until then, here's a sample to wet your palate.

This is a beautifully crafted video. I saw it first at my good friend's church website, Vox Veniae in Austin, TX.

This site has been the bane of my existence as of late. It has pretty much any and all TV shows you can think of available to watch online. I originally got it from Nathan's blog, but after some sleuth work, I must expand the props to include Rachel and Erin. Apparently, Erin found it first, and then told Rachel, who in turn shared the wealth and told Nathan.

In about a week, I've been able to catch up on pretty much every show I've previously watched or wanted to watch. On the list:
Prison Break
Survivor - Cook Island
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
The Office

Approximate number of hours spent watching these shows: Too many.
I've been in the market for a new computer bag, as the one I've got is a bit on the small side for both my books and my pack rat tendencies. I saw this one a while ago, but didn't want to pay the asking price. A couple days ago, I found a sweet online coupon, and used it in conjunction with the discount from using google checkout, and got the bag for $35 + S/H. It's scheduled to arrive sometime next week. I'm flippin' excited.
My awesome older bro Albert bought me this mug recently. He described it to me over the phone, but I couldn't quite picture it, but when I got to Denver, he showed it to me, and my eyes bulged out and my jaw dropped. It's another French Press coffee mug similar to the other one he bought me a little while ago, but unlike the old one, this new one has a little secret compartment in the bottom of the mug that has a little container for extra grounds. So instead of having to make 2 cups of coffee with the same grounds, I've got extra grounds to make a fresh cup. This baby is glorious!! Thanks, Al!!


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