Monday, November 13, 2006

My Week Part 3 - Euchre

On Saturday, I had my semiannual Saturday class. We talked through a leadership book called 'Aqua Church' and considered how leadership would and could look like in the different contexts we find ourselves in these days. Overall, it was an ok class, although I wish I could've stayed for the after class festivities. A few people in my program are expecting or have recently given birth to a new child, so we were having a baby shower for them. I am particularly close to one of 'em, and he brought his uber-preggers wife along, so if I am sad about anything, it's the missed opportunity to hang out with Chris and Terri one last time before they welcome their new son into the world.

After class, I found myself remembering that there was a euchre night at he Bucek's. I was originally not going to go because I thought I would be at the baby shower, but since I had nothing to do, I decided to go, and boy was that a good call!! I don't think I've laughed that much in a really, really long time. Honestly, I think in the entire 3 1/2 hours I spent there, I was laughing for about 3 hours, and catching my breath and stuffing my face for the remaining half hour. Here are a few memorables:

* Marshall hooking me up with some ginger beer. It was flippin' good!! Tasty, flavorful, and burned like hades in my mouth but made me wanting more. Thanks for the hook up, baby!!

* Being taught the rules of euchre by an amazing teacher and partner, Pete. We ended the night with a 3-1 record. Not bad for a guy who's never played before. (Actually, I have played once before, but that was 10 years ago. I had forgotten the rules and knew nothing about euchre strategy, so I think for me to say I've never played before wasn't really a lie.)

* In our first game, Pete and I were playing with Laura and Carolynn. We played with the rule called 'screw the dealer', where in choosing the trump suit, everyone was allowed to pass and leave it up to the dealer to choose the suit. I was the dealer, and Carolynn was to my right. Laura and Pete had both passed, and the buck was in Carolynn's corner. I don't know what possessed me to say this, but I look at her, lean in, and in my FOB voice say 'Das ok, Caroling. You can screw me.'

* I can't remember what led up to this, but apparently I was laughing so hard, I nearly fell out of my chair. In the process, I managed to pop the plastic seat section off of the metal legs. Fortunately, there was no permanent damage to myself or the chair.

* Jaci's brother Gary was there, and we had some good times playing with mints. I had some after-coffee mints in my pocket and offered it to some of the people around me. Gary took me up on the offer, but instead of getting up off the futon, walking 4 feet and bring it over to him, we decided that I should toss it and let him catch it in his mouth. I toss it, he opens up his trap, and in goes the mint. SCORE!!!! To one up ourselves, I had popped 2 mints into my own mouth, and for some sick reason that I do not remember, I find myself spitting the mints into the air in hopes that Gary would catch them in his mouth. Unfortunately, both times were unsuccessful, but we had an absolute blast trying. Because of our chemistry, we've decided to take our show on the road. Check your local entertainment guide periodically, as we may be coming to a town near you.

* Like usual, Rich always makes me both smile and laugh. That evening was no exception. But this time, he tells a joke that nearly killed me. This is what he said:

'What do Chinese people do when they have an erection?'

'They vote.'
(I don't remember if it was Japanese or Chinese, but for the sake of not insulting my Japanese brethren, I'll say Chinese.)

Wasn't that funny? If you don't get it, let me know and I'll send a chubby little Asian dude to your place and explain it to you.

* As the evening was coming to a close, I find myself being one of the last people to leave. After putting on my coat, I start looking for my shoes. It isn't long until I realize that my shoes have disappeared. I happened to wear my new pair of Puma's, and being the last person to arrive and looking at the assortment of footwear already present, I distinctly remember that mine were distinct from the others, so nobody could have taken my shoes home by accident. After a few grueling minutes of feverishly searching for my babies, I begin entertaining the possibility that somebody stole them, which made me really, really sad. As I look out the Bucek's front door, I see my car. Upon further inspection via the squinting of the eyes, I see an unfamiliar bump on the roof of my car. Being the great, great, great, great, great person she is, sweet 'ol Natasha runs out in the freezing cold to see what it is. Lo and behold, it was my shoes, one on the roof, and one on my rear bumper. Upon this discovery, mental fingers began to point. I wasn't sure who it was, but we all had our suspects picked out. On the drive back, I receive a phone call from the culprit. During this phone conversation, I discover that there was not only 1 culprit, but 2!! I shall not divulge the identity of these shoe thieves, but know this, keep a close eye on the obituaries, because you will soon discover who did this to me, for they will pay dearly.

I know that there were MANY, MANY more memorable times of that evening, but these are the ones that are most prominent in my fleeting memory.

Thanks so much for inviting us over for the good times, Bucek/Tilley family!!


At 6:53 PM, Blogger Natasha said...

I think you forgot to mention that throughtout the evening you would yell I AM WIN randomly. I honestly think that the Kevin-Nick-Gary-Rich combo should be banned. I have to tell you the not knowing who hid the shoes is going to bug me.. but I am sure that you will come up with something equally good to get them back... Thanks for comming... sorry you missed the baby shower... glad you came


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