Saturday, December 16, 2006


I've been back in Michigan for about 2 days now, and it's been rather relaxing. Within these two days, I was able to:

* Watch the movie 'Apocalypto' with my dad.
* Mail out a package I sold on ebay.
* Walk my parents' dog.
* Go out to dinner with my good friend Ben during his study break.
* Watch TV.
* Play guitar.
* Sleep.

I went to Toronto with my fellow road trippers Jen and Natasha. Apparently, after experiencing real Chinese food in Detroit (of all places!!!!!) they've been wanting more. And being the resident Chinese guy, I never turn down Chinese food, so we head over to Markham and grab some eats. We go to a Shanghainese restaurant called Asian Legend
and fill ourselves with dumplings, green onion pancakes, roasted duck, noodles and vegetables. We unfortunately ordered WAY too much food, so next time we go, hopefully more people can come along.

After lunch, we putz around and check out the different Chinese "landmarks" in the Markham/North York area. We go to a grocery store, a bakery, an Chinese herb store, and the "world renown" Pacific Mall, or as Pernell says 'The Chinese Mall'.

I must say, it was an absolutely great day spent chowing down on great food and being surrounded by such absolutely fantastic people. Thanks for the great day, Natasha and Jen!!

I had to get gas before hitting the road on Thursday and pulled into the gas station I usually stop into. After my baby's gotten her fill, I go into the booth to pay and who do I see? Sam. Most people don't know who this guy is, but he's the gas station attendant I've gotten to know over the past few months while living in Hamilton. He's an amazingly friendly guy who loves to chat and smile. After pulling out of the gas station, I head back to my place to get my stuff and pass by another gas station that was selling gas for 5 cents cheaper than what I paid for. Normally, I would be fuming at my poor decision, but I didn't really care because if I would have let my frugality make the decision for me, I wouldn't have seen my buddy Sam, and I wouldn't have gotten to shake his hand and wish him a wonderful Christmas. That, my friends, was well worth an extra 5 cents/gallon.


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