Monday, September 25, 2006


Yet another fun filled weekend has come and gone. Here's a quick recap:

Did pretty much nothing most of the day. When late afternoon came, I gave Krista a call to let her know I had finished formatting her external hard drive. I must say that I've been having a lot of fun unleashing my inner nerd while here in Hamilton. I bring her stuff over to her, and as my reward, I got to stay for supper and hang out with Madi and Eden. Goodness me, if these two kids get any cuter, my head will most definitely explode. We chilled, chatted, and watched Stuart Little. I didn't realize this, but the person who plays the father in Stuart Little is also the same person who plays the lead character in House. Kinda creepy...but I guess that shows the versatility of Hugh Laurie.

Did pretty mich nothing most of the day...again. In the afternoon, I head out to the Barista party at the cafe. That was a good time. Got to hang out with lots of different peeps, both past, present and perhaps future baristas. Ate AMAZING food made by the Neudorf's, played games, listened to tunes and ordered soap. I must say that Susan and Randy are unbelievably generous and kind who so selflessly gave their time for so many of us. Thanks, Susan and Randy!!


Went to Canada's Wonderland with Jen, Kaelyn and Adrian. It was my first time at Wonderland, and I must say, it was a really great time. Not only were the rides fun, the company, weather, and wait time were tremendously awesome!! I think if I ever go again, it's gonna be at around the same time. Since it was near the end of season, the longest we ever had to wait in line was for 30 minutes, so we tore through the park like bandits. The only bummer of the day was realizing that I'm getting old. I used to be a huge amusement park person when I was younger who would never experience any of the after-affects of rides, but this time round, after all the big rides, I found myself feeling really dizzy. Either way, it was a really great time. Here are some pictures.

Graffiti about Adrian.

This is a picture of a picture from the Fly. After "stealing" this picture, the dude in the booth ran over, put his hand in front of the screen and yelled 'YOU CAN'T DO THAT!!!' To which I replied in a sheepish voice 'Sorry', and quickly ran away.

Jen getting flung around on the motorized swing ride.

Kaelyn striking a pose.

The goofballs chillin' in the cool zone.

Afterwards, we head back to Hamilton for church. It was a great time, during church, as well as hanging out afterwards. A few highlights:
Sitting next to Erin Stanley. What an AMAZING woman. She oozes love and encouragement and excitement.
Getting poked in the arse with a recorder...3 times.
Ordering 6 pizza's online.
Hanging out with new FRWY friends at the Goodyears.
Finding out that many people know the family I stayed with in Mississauga.
Eating some AMAZING brownies.

Overall, I had a fantastic weekend. Will this week give this weekend a run for its money? Probably not, but I shall hold out hope for school to not suck like the hoover it's been these last couple weeks.


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