Tuesday, September 12, 2006

So Close...Yet So Far

A few seconds ago, and not a moment sooner, I finished paper number 23 of 26. If I want to achieve my goal, I've got 3 more papers to do tomorrow, but I don't know how much motivation I've got left. This summer's been one intense marathon of academics meeting life, and I'm getting tired of running. In all honesty, I think I've got MAYBE one more paper left in me. I've been talking to one of my buddies who's in the same program I'm in and he had a genius idea. Since these last 3 papers are for the same course, perhaps one option is to talk with the prof and see if I'd still pass if I did the biggest of the 3 papers and rely on course participation and my dashingly good looks to get me a passing grade. Hopefully that'll work out. If not, I'm gonna be like the Chicago Bulls and R-E-P-E-A-T. Come Wednesday, we'll see what happens.


At 1:31 AM, Anonymous krista said...

Good luck! Don't think Tyndale is as easy going as when I went there - they let me hand in my last paper 3 years late....

At 4:40 PM, Anonymous samantha said...

You can do it buddy!! come on!!!!



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