Saturday, August 26, 2006


Shoes, people, procrastination. I think these three things will be the bane of my existence. As things are right now, I'm slowly falling further and further behind in finishing my assignments. Why? I can't seem to stop hanging out with people and shopping for shoes. Today, I had hoped to get a few things done: Write a paper, pick up my futon, and hang out with some people. Everything happened, except the paper. This is how today went down.

I wake up and start cleaning my room to make space for a futon that I paid for a few months ago. At around 1pm, I head over to the Goodyear's place to borrow their van. Natasha said the night before that if I needed a hand moving the futon to give her a call. Since I needed a hand, I called her, but not only did Natasha come by, so did Jaci. The up side was these two lovely women helped me move this piece of furniture. The down side is Jaci was originally over at Natasha's place to help her move, but instead, they both left what they were doing and helped me. My dear readers, these two women are simply fabulous, and I am one selfish, greedy little Chinaman. To return the favor, I am asking that anyone who is available tomorrow and next Friday to help Natasha and Jaci move. I know I'll be there, and it'd be a HUGE help if y'all could lend a hand.

Afterwards, I head up to the Starbucks on Upper James to meet Jen. The plan was for her to do some leisurely reading while I write a paper. She was able to do her reading, but I wrote about 3 lines of stuff. Why? Because I was distracted with a haze of flies buzzing all around me and landing on my seat and my computer. What made it worse was I think these were some horny flies because they would land on top of each other and do what I think was fly copulation. This grossed me out so much, I lost all focus and concentration and asked if we could go somewhere else. Jen, being the kind soul that she is, said ok, which caused us to move from one coffee shop to another. Can you guess where we ended up? If you guessed the FRWY cafe, you are a smarty pants!!

Upon arriving at the cafe, I quickly pull out my computer to check my email and attempt to chip away at the 14 paper pileup. No dice. Jen and I started talking about shoes, and before we know it, we're online, shoe shopping, and end up placing an order. As it stands, the shoe count is up to 9 pairs, none of which are mine. Shortly after this shoe craze, Miranda and Kristyn come to the cafe to begin their shift. I was so excited because this was the first time I had seen them since they returned from Europe, so it was great to see them in good health and hear some interesting stories, one of which included a pervert in Amsterdam. Are you curious now? If so, ask these fine, fine ladies about it.

After appeasing our lust for shoes, we decide to appease our appetites and order pizza. Typically, people either go to the store or pick up the phone. But in keeping with the online purchasing craze, we order the pizza online from pizza pizza. (Is it redundant to have the word 'pizza' 3 times in a sentence? I'm thinking yes, but I'll chock it up to poor Englishing skills.) Let me say that this was one of the best pies I've ever tasted!! We get a 3 topping pie with chicken, mushrooms and caramalized onions. Yummy, you say? Oh, that's just the start. Instead of the typical tomato sauce, we get an alfredo/garlic sauce, with pepper flakes on top. To describe the greatness of the flavor is impossible, except to say that this pizza was truly a party in my mouth. I urge you all to order pizza online. Not only is it fun to the max, but you discover that pizza pizza offer more options than you think. I was definitely pleasantly surprised.

Once done pizzaing, we head over to the Goodyear's place for some salsa making. I discovered that making baller salsa requires a few simple steps and is REALLY inexpensive to make. While making the salsa, Pernell puts in the movie 'The Inside Man', which is a really great movie. It's directed by Spike Lee, but is not your typical Spike Lee film, although there are a few scenes that have the Spike Lee touch, like certain camera angles and tricks, and different conversations that pertain to issues of race, police brutality, and blatant stereotyping.

All in all, this was a great day that followed on the heels of another great day, but I really need to get some papers written. I really need to stop letting shoes, people and procrastination get the better of me.


At 10:28 AM, Blogger Jaci said...

You crack me up. Thanks for the advertising for our move! I'll cash in a favour in the form of Mac help I'm sure!

At 10:07 PM, Blogger Ambi said...

I will hope that you awake on Sunday with a renewed focus and determination to write a glorious paper.


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