Friday, August 25, 2006


Today was a really great day. It started out with waking up feeling refreshed and ready to go. I leave for Mississauga to have lunch with my buddy Al. We chat it up over a tremendous spread of Japanese food that included baller sushi and wicked noodles. Afterwards, I stop by a Bluenotes outlet store and bought 3 track jackets for $10. Then I go to the FRWY, make myself a cup of French Press Freedom Fighter, head down into the basement and pump out a paper. To celebrate, I go watch Little Miss Sunshine with 5 other AMAZING people: Nick, Amber, Melissa, Natasha and Jen. Let me just say that this movie was just as good, if not better, than the first time I saw it. Afterwards, we go to Philthy McNasty's for some drinks and a bit of eats on their patio, where I find myself getting red in the face and a bit buzzed from half a beer. As we were having a great time chatting, we get shooed away by the employees because they needed to put away the chairs and tables to make room for the other patrons. Instead of calling it a night, we meander to the closest Tim Hortons and keep talking, swapping stories, and had great conversations that included topics such as hormones, wrinkly boobs, lice, drugs, robes, and tv shows.

All in all, today was a superb day. What does tomorrow have in store? All I know is I'm picking up my futon, and I still have yet to make room for that bad boy.


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