Monday, September 18, 2006


Well, it's been a while since I had a weekend that wasn't spent doing something extravagant like writing a paper or traveling. It's actually been really nice to have a weekend what I can say I pretty much did nothing at all, but still had an absolute blast. Quick recap:

Friday: Finished my final 2 papers. Wrote one in the afternoon, went over to the Goodyear's for dinner and a fabulous break, then returned to the cafe. After finishing my last paper, stuck around to help Randy close, then promptly went home. Goofed around for a bit, then got it on with St. Matress. Her and I have some really great times.

Saturday: Woke up at my leisure. I made sure to not set my alarm clock because I wanted my body to get as much sleep as it needed to make up for the beating I gave it these past few weeks. Head over to the Goodyear's to meet Margie and the kids. We leave there shortly after to meet Melissa for a round of mini golf. Get pwned by everyone. Margie got a hole in one...TWICE. Hung out for a bit back at the Goodyear's, then left to have dinner with Rich and Jaci. I must say that these two are absolutely fabulous and adorable people. Not only are they unbelievably hospitable, but they are funny, smart, and undeniably madly in love with one another. Discoveries of the night: Rich is surprisingly romantic and a borderline pimp. Amidst a "rough" exterior and an intimidating fire extinguisher, he's a true gentleman with the heart of gold. Jaci is a fabulous cook who can also bake like no other. Typically, people can do one or the other, but this girl made a meal fit for royalty, and decided to feed a peasant like me. Man alive, how did I get so lucky?

Sunday: Putzed around for most of the morning and early afternoon. Lately I've been having some bad hair days, so decided to start using conditioner in hope of this overgrown head of weeds to be a bit more managable. No dice. Hair 1. Kevin 0. Spend the rest of the evening with some of the best people in the world: FRWYers. After church, a few of us ordered pizza online and had it delivered to the Goodyear's. We watched The Amazing Race while the cohort met in the other room. Afterwards, spent the remainder of the evening chatting with Pernell, Margie and Jen.

All in all, it was a very low key, yet refreshing weekend. What does this week have in store for me? I dunno, but I think I need to get back into the swing of school and start reading some books and doing some assignments.


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