Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I've been on many a plane rides in my lifetime, but I must say that today was probably one of the worst. Let me start at the beginning.

My day started at 5am in Hamilton. During the course of the day, I drove to Detroit to catch a flight to Texas. At the airport, the flight gets delayed for about 45 minutes because the computers in the terminal were down and they had to check in baggage manually, which probably meant someone went through my stuff and stole my draws. While on the plane, I find myself surrounded by trouble. In front of me sat 2 kids who, while still in the airport terminal, started messing the the phones and spilled their pop all over the airport seats and didn't have the courtesy to wipe it up. What made it worse was I overheard the little boy saying something to the likes of 'I don't like Chinese people.' I'm not sure if I heard right, but for the sake of racial harmony, I'm gonna assume that he said 'I don't like Chinese food.' As I was doing some work on my computer and listening to some tunes, I all of a sudden notice some commotion from these two kids. Within moments, my left foot is covered in some mysterious liquid. If it was anybody else, I would've chocked it up to a mere accident. But seeing how these kids were acting in the airport terminal, I found myself really irritated. The old woman sitting next to me sees this happen and says 'Kids. Can't take 'em anywhere.' To which I respond with a look that was half smile, and half 'shut your pie hole.' After the flight attendant gives me some napkins to clean up the spill, I settle down and keep telling myself 'it's only water...it's only water.' Not 5 minutes later, the unthinkable happens. The same woman who said that you can't take kids anywhere goes and knocks over her diet pepsi and covers my upper thigh and track jacket in her filthy beverage. I just look at her, chuckle, and think to myself 'Elderly. You can't take them anywhere.' As the flight attendant walks by, I say to her 'Um. Can I get some more napkins?' She looks at me, and I honestly think she was fighting back the laughter. I mean, who gets stuff dumped on them twice by two different people? And to top it all off, there was a child sitting across the aisle with his mother who was literally screaming the entire ride. And the mother's parenting tactic? Screming back at the child. Seriously, this is the second time I've come to the south in as many weeks, and right now, the road trip with Melissa, Nathan, Pernell and Kristyn was a cruise compared to this flight.

Although today was long and exhausting, I don't think the rest of this week will get any easier. I'm here in Austin for a couple speaking engagements. First, I'm speaking at a retreat this weekend that has me giving 5 talks in 4 days. Then a few hours after the retreat ends, I'm speaking at my friend's church. So in total, I've got 6 messages in 4 days. Though this may sound like I'm whining, I'm actually really excited and honored to have been invited to serve in such a capacity. But with everything that's been happening these last couple weeks, I'm really drained. I'm determined to give this weekend my all, but I know that whatever happens, it cannot be my own burden to bear. If that were to happen, I feel that this weekend would be a waste of time and a disservice to the Kingdom. So with that said, I'd really love it if y'all could pray for me. I'm not sure who all reads this blog, but if you're the praying type, I would absolutely love it, and I'm sure the people who have to listen to my rants would appreciate it muchly. Thanks in advance, friends, and I'll let y'all know how things turn out.

Anyways, it is 1:30am here in Austin, 2:30am in Hamilton, and I'm spent. Hope to see you in my dreams.


At 10:02 AM, Blogger Jaci said...

Good luck with the weekend Kevin! I'm sure you'll do great. Next time you have screaming baby, with screaming Mom, I suggest leaning over real close and yelling too. If it doesn't work, at least it'll give you a giggle.

At 6:57 PM, Anonymous Miranda said...

i am the praying kind!

and can i say HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHHA! that was so funny! ....er....i mean i feel awful! just think, at least it wasn't the coke that spilt of your blessed shoes! haha!

thanks for the great laugh at your expense!

At 12:33 AM, Blogger Kev Chen said...

Jaci - Thanks for the encouragement. That thought did cross my mind to join in on the symphony of screaming. Maybe next time.

Miranda - Thanks for the prayers, girly girl! And oh, you know me so well. If I had gotten pepsi on my shoes, we would've had to make an emergency landing because someone was gonna be murdered. Anyways, glad I could make you laugh.

At 3:35 PM, Blogger Margie said...

I shalltry those parenting tactics!

I think the kid said I don't like Hienas bleeping... just a thought.

Miss you and havv fun doing your chats:)

At 1:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 10:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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