Thursday, July 20, 2006

Reality Check

I can't believe that we're leaving in 2 days!! Although the trip has been phenomenal, it's been pretty tough. Yesterday(Wednesday) was the hottest day here in New Orleans for us so far. Combining the sun, a clear day and mad humidity, working in a dark and damp house with low light was a challenge. Granted the conditions were rough today, yesterday was probably one of the tougher days emotionally. When we were clearing out the second house we went to, I found myself in what I could only guess was the master bedroom. As I started clearing out the closets, I came across a wedding dress. When I saw this, I finally realized the magnitude of what happened nearly one year ago in August. Lives were displaced, hope was lost, hearts were broken, and perhaps for many, God had left New Orleans. As I looked at this dress, I began to think of the people who used to live in this house we were tearing apart like a child rips through a lego set. Who were they? What was their story? Where are they now? I am quite certain that these questions will never be answered, but I truly hope and pray that what God is doing through the great men and women of Acorn will serve as a reminder that God is not dead, but loves like no other and gives up on nobody. Please continue to pray for New Orleans and the lives that were affected. It's so easy to forget such a tragic event once a more 'news worth' occurs.

One final thing. I have honestly been inspired by Melissa, Kristyn, Nathan and Pernell. Each passing moment I'm loving them more and more and being encouraged and challenged to give all I've got for a cause that's bigger than any one person. To my tripmates, thanks for the laughs, patience and love. And thanks for putting up with my quirks and yellow skin. This week will go down as one of the best I've ever had. I love you all.


At 9:01 AM, Blogger Al said...

You have yellow skin? Don't look any different to me.

Wish I was there with you.

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