Thursday, July 13, 2006


I've been hanging out with my friends from Texas today, and I've suddenly realized that I'm slowly sounding more and more like a Canadian. Along with using words like 'eh' in nearly every other sentence, I'm noticing that I'm accenting my words differently. I don't know how to describe the difference, but comparing how I talk now to how my friends talk, I can tell that there's a slight difference. Should I be concerned? I don't know, but perhaps my upcoming trips to New Orleans, Austin and Detroit will right my wrongs.

Talking about New Orleans, in preparation for this trip, I need to go buy a pair of safety shoes. Like all my shoes, I naturally default to the internet, but unfortunately, I wasn't able to buy anything in time. So I'm gonna have to go into a store and buy a pair of shoes. May I say that this is going to be a really strange experience for me? It's been AGES since I've bought shoes from a store, so it's going to be really weird to try them on before I buy them, instead of the other way around. Regardless, I'm really looking forward to this New Orleans trip. Not only do I get to spend a week with Nathan, Melissa, Pernell and Kristyn, we get to experience and participate in building into the lives of others. Looking forward to a week of good times and and a healthy case of swamp ass.


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