Tuesday, May 23, 2006

We Mourn

I received a text message from a very close friend in Singapore saying that his mother passed away today. She's been through a real long battle with cancer, and although it seems that disease won, the big picture is that she is now with her creator experiencing the type of peace and joy like never before. But still, I mourn for my friend's loss and will pray for healing to come over him and his family. Terrence, be strong my friend. Love ya, bro.

I've been reflecting on why I find myself feeling the way I do about the passing of someone I've never met. I think it's because of the relationship I had the honor of developing with Terrence. During my time in Mississauga, as a whole, I found myself quite lonely and disconnected, and aside from a few people I could count on one hand with a few fingers to spare, I lived life on an island. In this atmosphere, Terrence was someone who I was able to know as well as feel comfortable in being known. So when the mother of my brother passes, it seems as if a part of me has been lost as well. Is this strange, or am I being hormonal? Either way, I hold fast to the God of love, grace and healing to fall afresh on Terrence and his father, brother and sister.


At 7:23 PM, Anonymous J.C. said...

Terrence, I'm not sure who you are, but I lost my father to a battle with cancer, so my prayers are you. Jason


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