Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Canceled...Part 2

It is no lie that my original flight out of Buffalo got canceled, but I didn't find out until I was 10 minutes away from the airport. That last post didn't really do much justice to the good times I had this morning, so let me start from the beginning.

I wake up this morning thinking to myself 'Hmmm...I wonder how bad the roads are out there.' I open the blinds and and immediately consumed by a barrage of white light from the literally knee-high snow. I look up and down the street and wonder to myself 'How the deuce am I gonna get outta here?!?!' As I think that, my heart sinks because the possibly of not going to Charlotte has taken one step closer to being a reality. But after a couple minutes of crying and dry heaving, I hunker down and thought to myself: WWMD? Or for you noobs out there, "What Would MacGyver Do?" For starters, he would probably go into the kitchen, grab a spatula, then go into the bathroom and take the toilet seat off, and with the right mixture of urine, snow and semen, he would make his own airplane and fly his outta there. Unfortunately, that wasn't gonna happen, so I did the next best thing: Grab a shovel and dig.

As I was applying as much elbow grease I could possibly muster, I was pleasantly surprised that the snow was soft, light and easily tossed. But, as I was close to being done, a snow plow comes rumbling down the street and pushing all the snow aside. At first I was like 'YES!!!!! HERE COMES FREEDOM!!!!' But as the truck came closer, I realized that it was pushing the snow in such a way that would have thwarted all the hard work I had just done. But I would much rather have to clear out a bit more snow than to try and maneuver out of a side street covered in snow. So after about 20 minutes, my baby was free and clear and ready to cart my sexy body to the Buffalo airport.

I had psyched myself out for a really terrible drive, but it wasn't too bad. Obviously, people were driving much slower than usual, but it only took me 2 hours to get from Hamilton to the Buffalo airport, which seems just a tad bit more than what it would usually take on a clear day. The only little hiccup on the drive was being stuck behind a van that had broken down near the border. I would have driven around him, but there was only one lane that had been plowed. So I get out and ask him what's wrong. You should've seen his face: Sad, embarrassed and totally flustered. He said his van was dead and he was on his way to the Buffalo airport to pick up his wife who has been stranded there for 24 hours. I really felt for the guy, but really couldn't do anything for him except help push his van off to the side. On a little tangent, pushing his van reminded me of the movie 'Little Miss Sunshine' where the family has to push the van every time they needed to start driving.

Anyways, as I begin to see signs to the Buffalo airport, I get a call from my brother Dennis who says that my flight had been canceled. At first I was about to turn around and give up, but instead, I decide to keep going and hope that the ticketing agent at the airport could help me reschedule my flight.

As I get to the airport, I go park at the short term parking. If you haven't been to the Buffalo airport, I would highly recommend it because in their short term parking lot, the first 30 minutes are free. So I score on the free parking and head to the JetBlue station. The lady behind the counter was really friendly and spelled out all my options. I could either get a full refund, or get rescheduled onto the next flight out. Since I had already come this far, I decided to hop onto the next flight and hope that it doesn't get canceled as well.

So here I am, sitting in Buffalo, waiting for my flight to leave. The only silver lining so far is that I've been able to find a nice little spot that has good food and free internet. So instead of trying to pass time sitting in the car, I'm chillin' in a place called Schwanny's, eating a Chili bread bowl that came highly recommended by the staff, and surfing the net and chatting. Hopefully the day continues to unfold with good fortune and culminates with a reunion with my bro Dennis and sister-in-law Liz.


At 2:13 PM, Blogger Natasha said...

Definately full of adventure your day has been. Don't forget to keep us all posted that you made it there safe. Have fun with the family.

At 3:36 PM, Blogger Jaci said...

Wooohooo for new flight! Keep us posted...it's like a choose your own adventure...to shovel or not shovel...to push the van or not push the van...to rebook or get refunded...
So exciting!

At 6:06 PM, Blogger Miranda said...


you are genius jaci! it's just like that! man i loved those books! i don't know what kevin is complaining about! what a fun day! we should all be so lucky!

(have fun in Charlotte Kev! I believe it'll happen!)


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