Monday, October 23, 2006


Working at the cafe today was very different from what it's been as of late. Typically, I find myself chillin' on one of the couches, sipping on some tea or coffee, surfing the net or reading a book. It's usually pretty relaxing and chill, but also rather quiet and boring. But today, not only was it the first day of Family Games Night, but the first evening I got to work with two fabulous new baristas, Jill and Laura. First things first, a quick bit about games night, then off to talk about my new partners in crime.

****EDIT**** Apparently, the above paragraph incited some hurt feelings due to my lack of clarity. So much so, I kept hearing about it over and over and over again. Hopefully this note will remedy the situation and have the complaints, whether they were genuine or simply made in jest, to stop because they were really getting on my nerves. What I meant to say was MONDAYS have been rather boring because I've been baristing by myself for most of the night, so it was a nice change to have more people. What I did not mean to insinuate was my boredom for ALL the times I barista. I was just referring to the Mondays where I'd be the only person in the cafe while the cohort was downstairs having their meeting. If I've offended anyone else by my poor writing skills, I apologize.

There were a lot of people tonight chatting, playing games and having a great time. I got to play Pretty Pretty Princess with Sam, which I was very reluctant to do after a demasculinating weekend with Jen and Natasha. (Just kidding...I love them both). All the while, we were serving up some new Monday items of hot dogs and ice cream. Very delisch, but I didn't get a hot dog, but ate something else instead. Overall, it seemed like everyone there had a great time mingling, eating, and gaming it up. If you missed it, c'mon out next Monday and partake in some fun times!! Although it's called 'Family Fun Night', it's open to single people and couples without children as well, so come one, come all!!

Now, onto my reflective rant on the two new Monday Baristas.

I've been really looking forward to working with new people on Mondays, since in the past, I've been "working" with Randy, but in actuality, it's only me because he's downstairs at the cohort meeting. So imagine my excitement overload when I get not one, but TWO new Monday night friends in Laura and Jill!! I think they're both absolutely fabulous people and I'm really looking forward to more Monday nights with them. I remember the first time I met them both, which happened to be on the same day.

I had recently returned from India and was sharing my thoughts about my experience at th FRWY. While I was talking, I distinctly noticed a couple sitting on one of the couches that was against the windows and thinking to myself 'Hmmm...that's a cute looking couple. I would like to meet them.' Afterwards, my interal monologue became a reality and I did get to meet them. They were really fun to talk with, and we got to chat s'more as we all went to Sarah and Dave's place to chat and hang out after church. It was there that I met Laura. She was sitting on the futon next to some dork, who I later find out is Nick, who I later find out is one of the coolest Freeway dudes around. We got to chatting about some of the stuff I talked about earlier, and how the Dalit people in India are experiencing some of the most apalling forms of injustice and dehumanization possible. It was at this moment that I thought to myself 'Wow, this girl is really cool!! She's got some major compassion goin' on inside her!!' Thus completes my first impression reflections on these two ladies.

As for this evening, I had discovered things about both ladies. I discovered that Jill is absolutely hilarious and witty. Her humor can revive the dead and jump start a car. I also discovered that Laura is one who cares so much for people that it makes me want to stop being such a narcissist and start caring for others. Although it's only been our first Monday night working together, I'm already finding myself looking forward to the next Monday where I get to hang out with them. I'm excited to learn more about what makes them tick and hear their thoughts on the different aspects of life.

To wrap up, I highly recommend everyone to meet both these ladies and their significant others, Jordan (Jill's husband), and Nick (Laura's boyfriend). All 4 of them are fascinating and fantastic people, but I must give a fair warning that conversations with any of them may result in the malfunction of the bladder, caused by excessive laughter. I should know...I peed my pants 8 and a half times this evening.


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