Monday, October 16, 2006


(This used to be the second paragraph of a run-on post, so I decided to clip it and separate the 3 parts into 3 different blog posts. So here is part 2 of 3.)

The next day, I headed out to London to hang out with Miranda. We had picked this day a couple weeks ago, and I've been looking forward to it for a while now. Let me tell you, London + Miranda = FABULOUS!! One of the first things we do is go out to a little Italian eatery called Angelo's and grab a bite to eat. We each get a cafe latte, and split a mini spinach and feta pizza. What a sweet combo. We then proceed to chat for a couple hours, all the while laughing so hard that people kept staring at us and wondering what kind of asylum we both escaped from. Afterwards, we decide to go catch a movie. We were trying to decide between 'Little Miss Sunshine' or 'The Departed'. After about 30 minutes of indecision, we settle on watching 'The Departed'. We both thought it was a really good movie, and were entertained by both the film as well as the snooty lady sitting in front of us. In the movie, there was some colorful dialogue that both Miranda and I thought were really funny, but others might find offensive. As we were laughing at one of these parts, we happened to either disturb or offend the woman in front of us in such a way that warranted her to turn around and stare at us. When this happened, it only made us laugh even more. When the movie ended, we contemplated catching the next showing of 'Little Miss Sunshine', but decided to heed the rumblings of our stomachs and find a place to have dinner. We drove around for a little bit and sized up the different eating establishments in London. After not seeing anything particularly interesting, we decided to eat at an Italian restaurant. As we were making our way there, we just so happened to see a restaurant called 'Garlics'. Earlier in the day I told Miranda about the hummus Mark and I made, as well as mentioned my love for garlic. When we saw this restaurant, and saw that it looked like a pretty nice place, we decided to scrap the Italian restaurant idea and go to Garlic's. Let me tell you, this was a dining experience of a lifetime!!

...to be continued...


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