Sunday, May 07, 2006


Since moving to Toronto and leaving behind 2 1/2 years of being on staff with a church as a youth pastor, there've been so many times I've thought back on some of the choices I've made and things I've said, and have been left thinking to myself 'God's gonna have to pull some crazy redemption out his sleeve if He's gonna fix this mess I've made'. But there are those times like today that God sends little reminders of what an idiot I am for thinking that He's incapable of redeeming my mistakes for good.

I was on the phone earlier today with a guy who was a former student in Michigan and is now studying at Wash U in St. Louis. It was a really great time reconnecting and sharing our journeys that God's been leading us through. We talked about the great times as well as the rough times, but all the way through, it was an honest and real conversation between a couple guys who seemed to have gone from a student-teacher relationship to a brother-brother relationship. It's absolutely humbling to be given a glimpse into the life of someone God's working in, and to be reminded that God will continue to do His thing regardless of my choices, whether wise or stupid.

To my bud, Ray. Thanks for remaining on this journey with God and blessing me with a glimpse into what He's doing in your life.


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