Thursday, September 20, 2007

Things That I've Done

These last few weeks have been pretty insane. I arrived in Austin September 31st, and from then until now, this is what I've done:

* Dump my AAA insurance and pick up Progressive
* Change my vehicle registration
* Help several friends move stuff
* Uninstall and move an electric stove while electrocuting myself 3 times in the process.
* Get a job as an administrative assistant with the mentoring/tutoring/home-schooling organization called 'Pip Start'
* Stand in line to get my new drivers license
* Throw a birthday party for the Prock girls
* Fall in love with East Austin

In my mind, I had imagined that I would treat myself to a slow transition. Although this transition was everything but slow, it has been a lot of fun.


At 6:14 PM, Blogger miranda said...

taking it slow is for wimps!!
so is getting electrocuted only once!
you're a trooper!

sounds great kevin!
thanks for the update!


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